Let's start with a story

When a stranger asked Lexa if her if she could send a file she did so and that was the beginning of a nightmare. Vulgar calls from multiple numbers at ungodly hours... The constant dread when the phone rings.... Like Lexa thousands are traumatized by cyber bullying. If only Lexa had shared the file without leaving her digital footprint....

Enter LexConnect

LexConnect is an open-source tool developed by Hrishikesh P with the vision of NO STRINGS ATTACHED data transfer. LexConnect transmits data using audio which makes it easy and safe to share it with strangers as it leaves no digital footprint if used wisely. No more fear of the stranger getting your phone no: or email id or even taking the risk of allowing them into your LAN. As of now, text and music can be transmitted. LexConnect is also a data-broadcasting app which allows you to easily send data to a room full of strangers.


The motto of LexConnect is to help reduce the risk of cyber-bullying and increase women safety.
LexConnect also aims to make data-broadcasting easier.

Creativity Factor

LexConnect is the ONLY app of it's kind. As it uses sound as a medium it is compatible with all electronic devices having a microphone and speaker. This also makes plausible digital footprints like phone no:, email id, LAN etc. unnecessary. Thus, transmissions can be 100% anonymous with no way of tracing the source back to the sender.

What's next for LexConnect

Being open-source I hope LexConnect will be able to transfer more kinds of data. I myself shall work on predictive audio-based image compression in the coming days. The goal is to make LexConnect the Xender of the audio world.

Tech Stack used

Tech stack comprises of React, JS, & plain old HTML.

How it works !

Data is first encoded using a Rot cipher and then converted to respective audio signals which is then compressed using Fast Fourier transforms. These signals are then transmitted via the sender's speaker. The signals are captured via the receiver's microphone and are decompressed and the encoded text is obtained which is then decoded using an inverse Rot cipher.

Challenges I ran into

Where should I start ;) This is my first React project. I spent ours trying to figure out the enmity between github pages and React routes :(
I had a lot of trouble figuring out the optimum data-transfer method that could be implemented in a day! I spent a lot of time figuring out a way to make the audio unique but finally realized that a better algorithm would be to make the data encoded and the audio ordinary. This makes the app accessible irrespective of the speaker and microphone specs at the same time making the data secure.

Accomplishments I'm proud of

Building something that helps in making the world a safer place for women and making an effort to reduce cyber-bullying these are the 2 rewards I have gained during this hackathon. Nothing compares to helping others and that is a reward in itself.

What I learned

I have tasted the joy of social service. This was my first React project and I learned the beauty of the Virtual DOM. The renders are so satisfying !!!

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