Greater access to justice.

What it does

It connects people with law firms and lawyers who can assist them with the legal issues they face, for the prices they can afford…

To create a platform where the volunteer lawyer can provide the research and advice he has given based on the facts initially given and the short consultation… This would reduce the time and effort required by the lawyer to whom the client goes to next, potentially reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

To display an estimated cost (based on consultation fees, and average costs based on the law firm) along with the expertise of the firm/lawyers, so people can make informed decisions as to which firm to go to.

Reduces time and effort spent to find a law firm which fits a person's need and affordability, this would in turn increase accessibility to justice.

How we built it

  • We built our prototype with Figma to show how a more intuitive and user friendly interface would look like as opposed to the stiff and off-putting interface in currently available services.
  • This is especially important as clients are often facing stressful situations and need a calming and uncomplicated website to seek help from.
  • We also decided to build a website instead of an app due to websites being more accessible to the less tech savvy


  • A secure platform for the pro-bono lawyers to upload the information that they have found about the client's case in a structured and neat way that makes it easy for the subsequent paid lawyer to quickly grasp the issue the client is facing without needing to do extensive research on their own time.
  • Creation of accounts for the users to access this information from the volunteer lawyers easily and maintain privacy/security of their personal info
  • A way for clients to access this information, perhaps with assistive tools on board to explain more abstract concepts to them
  • A platform for the clients to have a better gauge of the lawyer's pricing and qualifications in a layman's terms, which has an intuitive and friendly interface that enables clients
    • To have functions similar to carousell, shopee or amazon/lazada, so clients can easily access the price ranges and expertise of the lawyers in a format they are familiar with
    • The account to provide a function to bookmark lawyers and firms that they are interested in pursuing the case with

Challenges we ran into

  • We lost 2 teammates :(
    • We were abandoned... But we survived!!!
  • Timetable clashes :')

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Coming up with an idea in such a short amount of time and the rest of us not having any experience in law :D
  • Overcoming the challenges to complete this hackathon

What we learned

  • I learnt about an intro to law and how it works (thanks Maria! :D)
  • Learnt about the various platforms/interfaces which can be used to create a solution, brief intro as to how figma and coding works

What's next for

  • To connect with law firms and tie up w the law society to increase efficiency when dealing with people who use the pro bono services
  • Use of AI and NLP to generate more accurate estimates of the cost of a case based on the information and description provided by the pro bono lawyers
  • Creation of better self help services and chatbots that can help give advice to
  • Creation of a mobile app if needed to reach
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