What it does

We wanted to use AWS Lex to help reporting human trafficking to the Polaris Help line..

How we built it

It is build with LEX, S3, Lambda, Node.js, DynamoDB, Cognitive Services, Twillio.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to figure out what Serverless Apps Repository is. After the long Google research we found out that this is a relatively term coined first time on re:Invent 2017. It implies that you are using LAMBDA and Dynamo DB, S3 and other AWS services.

What we learned

We learned how to upload and run a static website on S3 and create permissions, so that the Public could see it. We needed a static site to host Lex Chatbot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Now I know how to use S3 storage for simple websites and how to use Lex to build a Chatbot..

What's next for Lex Bot for Polaris Projects

After the Bot is created it could be transported and run on the Polaris Organization website.

Link to the website where the Polaris Bot is Hosted:



Text Script for the Bot:

Bot: Default value: you have reached the Human Trafficking Hotline. Do you need help?

Reply: Yes {use Amazon build in Yes Intent}

Bot: What is your location If you don't know your location, enter DN (for I don't know)? Reply: I am at ……[free form text up to 256 characters] Bot: Your location is recorded

Bot: Your name? Type A if you want to stay anonymous.

Reply: A { Bot records letter A as anonymous in a database or record a name}

Bot: Anything else you want to say?

Reply: [free form text up to 256 characters]

Bot: Information is recorded.

Bot: How do you want us to help you?

Reply: [free form text up to 256 characters]

Bot: If you in danger call 911.

End Chat

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