A working professional’s day is universally known to be mentally and physically draining. While every industry operates differently, a unifying and main contributing factor to this exhaustion is the fact that nearly half a workday is spent in email correspondence. Over the last 30 years, email has grown from being a convenience to a necessity in every form of communication, from personal interactions to the professional workplace. Because of this, checking emails throughout the day has become a routine and unquestioned practice. Though being a necessity, reducing the amount of time that a person spends reading and writing emails can’t be solved with one universal solution. We understand this problem well and take on this problem and offers a completely customizable email client.

What it does

Our email client is a comprehensive tool that reduces the strain and stress that goes along with reading and writing emails. Users start using the client by linking their existing accounts (currently supports gmail and outlook mail servers) and later go on to our marketplace to install more plugins that suit their needs on day to day basis. The plugins range from embedding enterprise solutions to providing assistive reading for people with learning disabilities. Extending the app further, we have also used Cisco Spark as a foundation to create a domain agnostic chat client which lets users to chat among their contacts despite having different domain emails.

How We built it

Data privacy was a huge concern to our team. We took a platform first approach to build a rigid platform that the developers can leverage to build powerful plugins. The capabilities of the platform include NLP, basic text processing etc, all happening entirely on the client and not letting even trusted developers get access to potentially confidential email content of our users. We also realized that email has been synonymous with a pile of text and we wanted to make it visually appealing. Using concepts from material and semantic UI, the app is visually beautiful and has a lot of focus on various aspects of design.

Challenges we ran into

Since we chose to make a very comprehensive and highly featured platform, we had to make use of several complicated APIs that we needed to integrate with. This slowed us down a bit in the development process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are immensely proud of LEX, and it’s wide applicability for making a daily chore of reading emails more engaging and enjoyable. We can see a lot of potential in LEX, and several other ways integrating other platforms to make email even more seamless. Having people around us be completely impressed with our hack and being willing to be first customers is something that makes us very proud.

What we learned

Through this process, we interviewed several people to understand their pet peeves and difficulties with their email clients. As a result, we gained a lot of perspective on how to tackle a very broad and complicated problem. Furthermore, we learned a great deal about building large scale applications from the ground up.

What's next for LEX

1 Billion $ in the near future.

Built With

  • cisco-spark
  • gmail-api
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • microsoft-outlook
  • microsoft-outlook-api
  • semantic
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