In the present world where even machines started to learn by themselves, we humans always have something new to learn. We face many problems daily and researching for solutions over various platforms like Google raises more questions. These chain of questions will guide us to a solution of a part of the main problem. The following are the various challenges I faced in my journey

A problem in learning a course

Every professional has to update his skill set each and every day but the common problem everyone faces is the confusion while searching for the resources to learn. Just because the person has no idea about where to start, what to study or the lack of confidence in the content are the main reasons for dropping the course to many.

A problem in finding a developer around you

Good skilled labor is always a hot cake in the market but finding one is not a cakewalk. A resource finder virtual bot can solve this problem by fetching a developer in the preferred location with the required skills and also with the reasonable wage. As a software developer, I thought to create a messenger bot a virtual resource finder.

What it does

Lewo helps people to invest time productively by providing the links to various articles, tutorials, websites related to the interesting subject. This also gives the list of top developers who are available to work. These options will save time for both employees & employers.

How I built it

The bot uses the leading conversational platform, Dialog Flow, which is deployed in Facebook messenger bot that uses various machine learning algorithms to learn and answer the users’ questions.

Challenges I ran into

Chatbots which are very new in our community are very prompt in answering your questions just like humans. In many instances, a few users gets deceived by its replies and believe that a human is answering their questions. But building a complex bot that answers any question correctly is almost impossible. Training the bot to such an extent is a very challenging task.

What I learned

Besides dialogue flow, NLP, current trending technology, has been used in this bot. Integrating these two with messenger was so much fun.

What's next for LEWO

A strong resource sharing community for every technology and a conversational platform which learns by itself through the authorized developers. Make lewo more feasible for employers to find effective business solutions.

Built With

  • dialogue-flow
  • messager-bot
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