Tarot archetypes and symbolism, contemporary media, media overstimulation, pandemic isolation.

What it does

Player is the Seer - a being chosen by the Universe to conduct and determine course of events in the whole world. He analyzes the situation basing on news and statistics given by real time data.

Technologies used to make this game are mix of IT, gamedev and design methods of work.

With every new run game is scraping and fetching from APIs fresh data that determines output statistics (suicides, COVID-19 related deaths, oil barrels left, cancer deaths, forest loss...)

How we built it

Unity, C#, Python, Flask, newsapi, Selenium, FL Studio (music and sound), Adobe Illustrator (graphic design)

Challenges we ran into

Different resolutions of images that game is taking from news. Synchronizing Unity and gamedev tools with backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything but color quantification based on the colour palette especially. We made 32 corn dogs.

What we learned

Again - synchronizing Unity and gamedev tools with backend. Deploying webscrapers.

What's next for [Lewd Circus] Act of tarot

Can't tell at the moment. Further development?

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