The idea of controlling a flying machine with your hand was inspiring to us. We had the vision and Thalmic Lab's Myo gave us the capability. In a market where gesture technology is on the rise our idea will appeal to people of all ages. For kids, adults, and enthusiasts, controlling a RC copter with your arm will be a captivating experience. This state of the art control begins with Myo's gesture and motion tracking. Our programming begins in Unity, a 3D model arm was created and Myo was used to emulate the motion of our user's arm then commands are relayed to our TI Launch Pack MSB430 board. Movement and gestures were further calibrated throughout the process. Meanwhile our hardware team was hacking together the Quadcopter’s remote control transmitter and rewired it to communicate with the MSB430. The data our MSB430 received was processed into commands the Quadcopter’s remote control could read. The product is a new form of user interaction.

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