A world full of amazing opportunities. Where any bold fantasies are embodied in reality, where the laws of physics will not rule over reality, the world that children and adults dream every day. The world of dreams.

What it does

This effect is an extension to the surrounding reality through instagram camera

How I built it

To create this effect, I used: Spark AR, 3Ds max, Photoshop. In 3Ds max, I created a model. In Photoshop painted. Spark AR put together an iterative scene. To work with Spark AR tools used in this work, enough materials provided by Facebook. You can see the project files at the link

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to create an image familiar to everyone that matches my inspiration. The search for this solution was the most difficult part of the work. This effect should resonate with a wide audience. My search resulted in this work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make the effect of augmented reality. It was very nice to see how my work came to life in an exciting setting.

What I learned

I had no experience with Spark AR, and I had experience with Unity. This technology was very interesting and open to the eyes, which will lead us to further develop our development experience.

What's next for Levitating Island

I won’t lie. If this work wins, I would like to spend the prize on creating a full-fledged game with related topics. This work is only a direction where I would like to move.

Built With

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