As tea-enthusiasts, our team wanted to share the benefit of teas with others through an engaging and interactive application. Our main goal was to provide a support system through anonymous chats so people would be able to support each other no matter their circumstances.

What it does?

Its main page allows users to discover various types of tea while also learning about the health benefits. There are filters so users can choose from a variety of teas based on their preferences. In addition, there is a survey that users can do as often as required to be provided with a tea recommendation based on their concerns or goals.

How we built it?

This prototype was mainly built on Figma. Some design processes for images like profile photos or logos were completed on Canva and Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into?

There were not many issues that we ran into as a whole but some members had struggles using certain softwares such as Photoshop. For someone who was not familiar with it in advance, it became very time consuming trying to decipher all of the different commands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of?

One of the most important accomplishments was becoming more familiar with platforms such as Figma and Canva. For several of the members, they were not all very comfortable with using Figma especially, but through trial and error as well as extensive research, all the members were able to participate and provide feedback when necessary. Also, for those of us who were more comfortable with other tasks such as writing the text or designing the formatting, we were able to play to our strengths but also teach the other members how to use it too.

What we learned?

Since most of our team was not very well-versed in coding and Figma, we learned how to use these softwares. Also, we learned that trying to build a prototype that would be the first step in development in only 36 hours is possible. Through clear communication among teammates, we were able to divide the work evenly but not overwork ourselves. To add to this, learning to clearly state our opinions in regards to design, especially virtually, was something that took some time getting used to.

What's next for Levi's Tea Shop?

Although this prototype is not fully operational, the next step would definitely be to develop it further into a website or a functional app that users can utilize daily. Also, since we were low on time, we were not able to include another idea that we had. In addition to the app, there would be a website where there could be a blog by certified nutritionists and herbalists to provide users with more accurate information in regards to the healing properties of certain teas.

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