Leveraging Conversational AI for Secure Healthcare Assistance

Access control of medical records using BigchainDB, IPFS & RASA

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There is a rapid increase in the generation of medical data, especially in a medical emergency or crisis. When hospitals are understaffed to maintain healthcare data, they are prone to be tampered with. Users do not receive their medical information on time and cannot approach other institutions quickly with their medical history.

Solution: Bring EHR to blockchain

BigchainDB is a decentralized database that has immutability just like traditional blockchains. We have attempted to develop an end to end system for successful storage, transfer and tracking of patient healthcare data. All records are encrypted using AES-256 encryption and the access for this data is transferred through blockchain and asymmetric cryptography. Due to limited blockchain data storage, files are being stored in IPFS.

There is a wave of emotional instability among people who are on a downward spiral in life or are going through hard times. We have developed a chat companion to make the user feel better and track users' behaviour. Chatbot as a companion can provide you factual information

This project as a chatbot is a part of our complete project

Medical Analytica


Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/ejson03/Medical-Analytica.git

To build without Docker

Make virtual env

python3 -m venv rasa

Using eveything in Docker



Running rasa and node in local



To just run local servers if local and start docker



To just run local servers if local


Run everything on docker

docker-compose up -d --build 

Essential docker commands

docker build -t <container-name> .
docker run -t <container-name> -p <port>:<port> [ -d for silent]
docker system prune -a (remove all containers)
docker ps (check running containers)
docker stop <container-id>  (stop single container)
docker rm <container-id> (remove single container)
docker rmi <image-id> (remove image)
docker container stop $(docker container ls -aq) (stop all containers)
docker container rm $(docker container ls -aq) (remove all containers)
docker container inspect <container-id>


System Architecture

Image of System Architeture

Blockchain Architecture

Image of Blockchain Architecture

Chabot Architecture

Image of Chabot Architecture

Medical Knowledge Graph

Image of medical knowledge graph

User Knowledge Graph

Image of user knowledge graph

Mobile responsive

Image of mobile responsive

Project PPT

Project PPT Link

Project Report

Project Report Link

Project Video Link

Video Link


In order to contribute please create a PULL REQUEST, we will go through it and if all looks good, it will be accepted.


License: MIT

MIT License Link

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