A girl’s first period can be exciting because it is a symbol of entering womanhood. But it can also be confusing and a bit intimidating. That’s because a lot of girls are not equipped with all the right information to manage their first menstrual cycle. It’s rare that periods and feminine hygiene are openly talked about in a way that would make a girl feel at ease with this new stage in life.

Society often treats periods and women’s health in general as if it’s something you don’t talk about in public. Menstruation awareness can help erase the stigmas around periods. That doesn’t just apply to girls who will experience menstruation firsthand. Boys need to be in on the conversation too so they know there’s nothing “gross” about a girl being on her period.

UNICEF’s statistics show that 10 percent of African girls skip school during their periods. In Ghana and Garissa, Kenya, this statistic is astronomically higher, at 95 percent and 86 percent respectively. Other African countries have similar statistics. Many girls experience fear, shame, and embarrassment. They’re teased by fellow children, experience period shaming, and have difficulty managing their periods.

Period shaming is very common in many countries and when young girls experience their first period and aren't well informed they feel stressed and uncomfortable.

What it does

Period Positive educates young girls by an interactive story where they are given options on what they'll do when they experience first period. How will they manage it if they don't have a sanitary napkin? It also educates and spreads awareness about menstruation.

How we built it

It was build using twinery where a story was created and then converted to HTML5 and deployed on github.

Challenges we ran into

Twine was new for us so we spend time figuring out how things work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Submitting this project is an accomplishment for us.

What's next for level up

Make more scenarios and add more content and games.

Built With

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