I grew up playing Letter Linker (although I never called it, "Letter Linker"). It was a simple road trip game that my family and I always played (and sometimes still play) when we were bored on the road. With an Amazon Echo on my desk, I found that I would enjoy playing around with its different features when I was bored, and then it hit me--a spoken Alexa Skill for when you're bored, and why not make it develop your vocabulary as well, right? Thus, Letter Linker was born.

What it does

Letter Linker is an exciting competition between you and your Amazon Alexa device that tests your vernacular, sharpness, and will keep you on your toes! Alexa starts by thinking of a random word, and you must say a word in response that begins with the last letter of Alexa's word. This goes on and on, creating a Letter Link. There cannot be any repeats through the duration of a game. You and Alexa continue the Letter Link until either you can't think of any words, you say an incorrect word with the wrong first letter, or you run out of time to answer. You will get a score for your Letter Link, and the skill will save your high score, so you know what you're trying to beat!

How I built it

My Alexa Skills development knowledge started effectively at zero, when I began learning in August of 2019. However, with a proficiency in Python, I was confident that I could explore and implement the documentation relatively swiftly, and get my own Alexa Skill published. Three months later, Letter Linker hits the Alexa Skills Store.

What I learned

Through hours of debugging and learning new features of the Alexa Skills Kit SDK, I feel that I am rather confident in my skill development abilities. I feel as if I learned how to navigate the documentation well enough, to the extent where I'd be confident in creating many different kinds of Alexa Skills in the future. I was also stoked to realize that I'd have to use AWS in order to accomplish some of the features of my skill, and thus I learned the basics of AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.

What's next for Letter Linker

Letter Linker is published on the Alexa Skills Store, and I hope that it will be well received by users of Amazon Alexa devices. In the future, with the help of user reviews, I intend to continue to improve the skill and add different features for the game.

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