Always wanted to build something that is helpful to society using my techs skills and it was the first opportunity for all the team member to do something impactful.

What it does

We created a website "Let's Talk" to help and motivate people who are suffering from mental health issues. We have a chatbot were a person can find an appropriate doctor and can get help. There are other resources like videos, apps, and books which a person can refer to recover quickly.

How we built it

Initially, we started by collecting everyone's idea and designed our application. After that, we started with the built using technology stack HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, IBM Watson, Integrated with youtube and google books API.

Challenges we ran into

Below are the challenges we faced :

  1. Brainstorming to add features to this project and designing system
  2. Face difficulty in fetching data from API.
  3. Took a while to understand and build IBM Watson chatbot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an application which can make a difference for society. Learning new technologies like IBM Watson chatbot.

What we learned

Learning new technologies like IBM Watson chatbot.
Integrated with youtube and google books API.

What's next for LetsTalk

We can add more functionality to the website like dividing the resources according to categories like age and profession. Providing more resources based on the recommendations system algorithm. Add functionality to chat-bot like connecting with other people suffering from the same issues.

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