Nationwide lock-downs and supermarkets running short to satisfy the demand made me think how important it is to share and request help.

What it does

Letshare is an online platform where people can share and request help. A person may post a request of something they need and publish it. Upon publishing system will send a text message with a link to mark it as complete. Volunteers and Charities able find out who needs help in their local area by narrowing down through a location based search. Volunteer can contact the requesting party via the phone number and arrange the service. When the requesting party have received the service they can click on the text message link and mark it as complete. In this case it will remove the request from the public.

It also provide the ability for people to share things that they no longer required and provide the option to select if they want expect something in return or not. This feature might help people who panic bought unnecessary things.

On a larger scale charities can direct their resources where it needs most while improving efficiency.

How I built it

Its built with PHP using Laravel as the framework for back-end. For the frontend it uses Bootstrap CSS Framework and JQuery. Also it utilize AWS SNS to send text messages and Google Geocoder to verify postcodes plus convert them to latitude and longitude. It's hosted on AWS for faster scalability if required.

Challenges I ran into

First challenge was allocating myself enough time as I'm also working full time. Secondly getting people on board. I'm still trying to contact local charities as well as councils to use this service. At the moment it is limited to the UK.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that I finally completed and If it can be of help to anyone who wish to use it.

What I learned

I have learned that it is still not too late to help people.

What's next for Letshare

  • Finding the right balance between using phone numbers and emails
  • Improve the workflow
  • Make it more responsive
  • Gain more users and increase the trust.
  • Deliver content via an app to increase user engagement

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