2017 VTHacks Submission - LetsGoEatAlready by Wes Jordan


This is a small webapp that I created to address my family's general inability to come to a consensus when it comes to finding a place to eat. The way it works is that it searches restaurants near you based on the parameters you give it using the Google Places API and then returns exactly four places from you to choose. If you don't like one of the options displayed, you can simply click it away and another one will come back and take its place.


The goal of this application is to combat you or your group's dawdling indecisiveness by reducing your number of  options and make it easy to come to a decision when the only thing you can agree on is that you're all starving. It also encourages visiting new places by selecting some that may be lesser known. 


The application works off of a Flask backend that serves and renders most of the page's UI using Jinja2 templates. New places are added via AJAX requests using session verification, using info from Google's places API. Results from the API are cached in Firebase in order to limit API calls.

Future Plans

Future plans for the application include using ML techniques to better select which restaurants to show, and implementing the rest of the UI in Angluar.

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