I found an online web design expert called Rino de boer earlier and I got inspired by his fascinating modern, iconic website designs. It motivated me to create a similar website with unique styles.

What it does

This website is used to run the Pandemic resolution program, where people choose to participate in their fashion and contribute for reducing the impact of this covid19 pandemic and finally helping it end successfully.

How I built it

I used a ton of code- HTML and CSS, and a little bit of aid from a few website builder tools like WordPress but honestly most of them were hand-coded by me and I used the aid to speed up the website creation.

Challenges I ran into

On the weekends, I faced a shortage of time since thanksgiving and faced a lot of errors in attaching links to the button and the hover CSS properties for buttons. I failed several times in setting up a redirect URL to a "Welcome" popup, and then it worked though. And I felt like my website had a lot of "weak" content meaning that some of the content on my website was a little irrelevant to the COVID theme I thought of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) I successfully made a perfect combination of CSS fonts and color sets for my website!
2) I created a survey (registration) form using pure code that would send friendly emails to person who signed up!
3) I designed logos perfectly to match my brand color scheme

What I learned

1) I finally learned, how to make a perfect, aesthetically pleasing and amazing looking website.
2) I kind of reached the mid-expertise level goal of designing websites using code
3) I have learned [a little] how to set up a website for a client who will need me when I grow up to become an adult (thanks for the motivation, and inspiration)

What's next for website

1) Adding blog posts to the participants area
2) Opening submissions form on Nov 30th/31st for Covid focused/related products and contributions.
3) Adding more and more prizes and discounts.
4)Improving the color schemes
5) Making the website mobile and tab-friendly (responsive)


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