Distance learning has caused many problems. Many kids are unable to understand the concepts properly, and teachers find it hard to teach concepts too especially math problems and writing things due to the fact that zoom anotate and kami are really hard to write with consistently. Many teachers also do not have access to helpful technology like stylists/ smart pens/ projectors in 3rd world countries

What it does

Introducing a webapp that allows teachers to teach by drawing on a screen. In essence, the teacher is teaching on the whiteboard; however doing it virtually! Isnt that cool! Letsdrawit makes it easy for students to understand drawings as they are clearer and makes it more comfortable for teachers to teach concepts

How I built it

I used flask, html, css for the frontend, cockroach db for the backend, python and open cv for the machine learning and webcams.

Challenges I ran into

  • first time using openCV in a long time
  • first time using cockroachDB
  • project took a lot longer than expect
  • not sure if i got a domain name .. some glitch was happening on the website ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • making a fully functional app
  • using a sql database
  • using machine learning to change distance learning for the good
  • helping both teachers and students at the same time
  • having a nice clean UI ## What I learned
  • openCV in depth
  • flask pairing with openCV
  • bit of js


-promote in school

  • advertise to community
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