Have you ever wanted to meet up with a friend, but not known where would be best? Have you ever wished that your friend would travel the same distance as you did to meet up, and you didn't have to go the entire way?

Its difficult to identify a mutual location which is equidistant from everyone, as well an option everyone would agree to.

We decided to finally solve this problem, and make an application that would find the best place to meet up between different locations, eliminating a key struggle in social activities.

What it does


LetsChill takes two locations, and identifies the middle point between the two. From there, it will search within a radius for places to meet such as restaurants, cafes, or even malls. It will list these options while displaying them on the map, and allow the user to filter the venue the user prefers. The list will adjust accordingly, thus providing the user with an easy interface to identify his/her next meetup location.

How we built it

Using HTML/CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, we were able to establish a framework where calls could be made to the Google Maps API, as well as the Google Places API. Google Maps was used to convert the address to latitude and longitude, allowing for the calculation of the midpoint. From there, Google Places was used to search for nearby points of interest around the midpoint. In addition, Google Places Autocomplete is utilized on the landing to help suggest locations.

What we learned

Building LetsChill provided exposure to formatting webpages with HTML/CSS with Google Materialize, and also taught about API calls and the finesse of the functions.

What's next for LetsChill

In the near future, we plan to expand to iOS, as well as implement an option to add even more locations.

Installation and Usage

Hosted at

To install and run, download repository and run open index.html. Note: this is a static web application. If successful, browser will open with this:

screen shot 2016-01-24 at 1 29 24 am

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