We wanted to be initiative in coming up with a new idea that optimizes meeting places for groups of people. The idea is inspired by Hack the Valley and other hackathons, where the host location of hackathons can be predetermined based on the RSVP'd hackers' addresses.

What it does

Lets Find Space allows users to either create or join a group using a group code. Once done, they can wait for other users to join their groups until ready. Group members are then shown on a Google Maps frame and are given the location of the meeting. This meeting place is optimized, resulting in a minimal commute for all members.

How I built it

This application operates on Node.js for backend integrated with MongoDB and React for frontend. It uses advanced Geocoding and place-finding based on a user's current location through various APIs offered by Google Cloud Platform. The optimized meeting location is calculated through the use of algebraic and geometric formulas and then returned back to Google's API which finds the most suitable meeting place based on the member's preferences (Coffeeshops, Restaurants, etc..). The most suitable place is determined by looking for the closest preferred place around the optimized location.

Challenges I ran into

The team has been introduced to multiple roadblocks throughout the 36 hours of hacking. However, their passion and persistence drove them all the way through this experiential adventure. The backend team was challenged to learn new languages, use advanced tools, and integrate APIs for the first time, they were able to prove their skills through communication and collaboration. The frontend team was challenged with connecting their design with the backend functionality and succeded to do so with the help of the backend team as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finish the product completely and came up with extended features to be developed in the future. We got the best spot on campus and were able to apply the concept of working hard and playing hard.

What I learned

We learned to appreciate working within a team to increase productivity. We learned that there is a numerous amount of APIs, tools, and technology that allow us to develop any ideas we have in mind.

What's next for Lets Find Space

We will continue to develop and extend additional features, and keep open-source and free for the public!

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