Since this pandemic begun, people have been suffering in some way or the other.There is lot of social and financial instability around us.As a social entrepreneur,me and my team even started distributing some food at initial phase but we weren't able to continue it for a long time due to financial constraints.So we came up with the idea of this Lets-Donate app which will be for the community and by the community.This app will help to bridge the gap between the helper and the needy.As we know due to restrictions not everyone is able to come out and help the needy.Thats why we created this app for people to help in some way or the other by sitting at their home also.. Even we have a transparent system in our app where people can keep a track of the donations and can contact the NGOs at any point of time. Basically this app is motivated by the need to support our community in this crisis time and as we know together we can fight and defeat this pandemic.So lets join our hands and donate to support our community

What it does

This is secure and transparent donation app that supports and aligns with UN’s 17 Sustainable development goals. Basically user can choose the global goal they want to support and provide help in the form of Money, Clothes,Food or others. We have collaborated and registered few NGOs with our app who are working during this crisis. They’ll collect donated items from your doorstep

How I built it

This app is built using Flutter due to which it can be used both in android and ios.For the backend we used Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Creating connections with NGOs and collaboration issues. Creating the payment gateway and storing all the details of user and showing it in real time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy and proud that this app can create a huge difference in our community

What I learned

Teamwork with smartwork

What's next for Lets-Donate

Increasing its reach and collaboration with more NGOs

Built With

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