We detected three issues of public transport: Sleep disorders, urban mobility, payment system. She earned through studies and surveys that over 60% of users have sleep disorders and much of users, unknown routes of buses and subways, identifying common users, blind, foreigners.

How it works

GPS the route defined by user showing bus routes and metro. Voice commands and touch interaction allowing non-sighted users with Smartphone.

Challenges I ran into

The main uncertainties are the barrier to entry, delivery of government data, which are fueling the application and delivers the most important functionality, which is to inform users about bus routes and metro, and moreover the hosting a new payment system, ranking Smartphone, and people get used to a new kind of technology displacing traditional cards

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

have programmed the application in the estimated time

What I learned

especially learned to work together as complete a project in a limited time, I served to know the level of my knowledge.

What's next for Let me know

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