This service is for asking and participating in voting. If you like to ask questions, you're interested in people's opinion and you'd like your vote to be considered this is for you. LetkNow is easy and prominent tool for gathering, summarizing and analysing people's thoughts and attitudes. Features:

  • News: comming updates and latest features implemented.
  • LogIn. Here we provide cossy way to log In. You're free to use VK and FB accounts for this step. Also, in order to provide secure and confidence for you there is Pass Pattern.
  • Question Blocks:
  • Voting: questions created by other users for you to participate. There is a live period for each question. So, if you're not interested in particular question, the question will be deleted automaticaly in a livetime period. Also, you can delete it by long tap on it. Otherwise, having pressed on the question you can select preferable variant of answer among proposed ones. Latter, you'll be able to find it in Voted questions (by swiping right).
  • My questions: functionality to create and review your questions (by user ID). For creating you need to enter question body, add variants of answers (>1) and set livetime of question (by default it's 1 hour since question is created). Also you can set up filters for your question (by region is default). Parameters for filters are taken from personal user's data. All your questions are in Created (by swiping right).


  • all questions can be deleted (long tap).
  • created and voted can be reviewed (when livetime expires, click on question) and shared via social networks.
  • User can also set up and update parameters: Personal (user's) and Settings (application).
  • review number of participants and author of questions

LetkNow can be used in the different languages. Question can be created in any language. Depends on your location interface is English/ Russian. Supported Social Networks: FB/VK You're welcome to leave your comments here or use function Tell Friends in Functional Menu. Follow us at: Facebook: Twitter: Vkontakte:

About permissions Internet access: To be able to communicate with the LetkNow server Storage: To enable installation of the app on the sd card. Comming soon: media as body of question

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