As Singapore is a multi-racial country with many different people of different races and religion are living in Singapore, all of us will have our different dietary needs. If we were to prepare certain food for our guests, we need to know what they prefer or what they cannot eat. Some of us are vegetarian, while some of us prefer local food. Thus we create this application to allow people to know whether the food that they are cooking will be suitable for their guests. Also, it allows people to interconnect by knowing the different type of food available around the world, with people enjoying the food cooked suited to their preferences.

What it does

Users are able to view and create recipe that will be approved by the admin first. Users that are able to view the different recipe will have a choice to choose their own filter (e.g Halal, Vegetarian, Local) to sort out the recipe accordingly to this filters. After which, they are able to follow a step-by-step guideline to help them in cooking properly with the right ingredients and ensure that the taste will be right.

How we built it

We use Eclipse to create a web-prototype to show how the app will look like. The languages used are briefly javascript, css, php and html. We also use it with the database such as phpmyadmin and mysqli. The photos are edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have much experience in building a webpage and we had a lot of difficulties such as properly aligning the elements together or having the elements display as we wanted too. We also had trouble understanding the javascript codes as we do not have much experience with the different languages. Despite of the lack in experience, our team persevered.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are not that experienced with our tools as this tools are briefly learn in our school. We are really proud that we could create this webpage within a short time and learn a lot of new skills.

What we learned

We learned how to photoshop, how to tint the images to a dark color. We also managed to learn how to incorporate with different elements together to make the website work with the database.

What's next for Let'sCook

We are planning to incorporate more social elements into the website such as ratings, commenting, 'liking'. We aim to make Let'sCook into a community-based website. Furthermore, we wish to sell this website to supermarket chains that have home delivery services. Specifically, users will be able to directly place their orders to supermarket chains to conveniently purchases the ingredients of the particular recipe from the chosen supermarket. In other words, we hope to create a B2C platform.

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