Finding a good meetup place on a global scale is challenging. One important factor in this endeavor are airline fares. What if a new web service could aid in this situation and suggest the cheapest options?

What it does

This project finds the overall cheapest meetup place (airport) for a group of people across the world.

Additionally, it respects personal restrictions, e.g., countries which each group member is willing (or able) to visit.

How I built it

  • Python backend using Flask, HTML/JS frontend using Bootstrap, map visualisation using D3.js.
  • Skyscanner's API for airfare data, both using cached results in the first step, during which the number of possible airports is heavily reduced, and live results for the second step, during which the best option from those airports is chosen.

Challenges I ran into

Typical programming challenges, especially since I'm not too familiar with a couple of the used technologies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works :)

Depending on the parameters, suggested airports are returned within about a minute. Given the large number of possible flights etc. this is a really satisfying time. However, credit where credit is due - this is the accomplishment of Skyscanner's great API!

What I learned

Working with Skyscanner's API, hacking together both backend + frontend including some appealing visuals in a short time.

What's next for Let'sAllJustHopOnAPlaneAndMeetInTheMiddleOfTheWorld!

More features, e.g., restrictions for the chosen airports (weather, seaside, capital, etc.), flexible dates/stay durations, and more.

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