I was excited to see the option to use for the hackathon, because I've always been excited about codeless software platforms. That alongside the struggles of being social with COVID-19, I thought this was a good opportunity to build a conversation matching website with Bubble.

What it does

People can make an account at and submit a conversation topic that they'd like to discuss.

Then, others on the platform can go through the available submitted topics and make offers to have a more in-depth conversation about that topic.

The original submitter has the option to reject or accept the conversation offer, and if they accept the offer then the system will email both to put them in touch.

How I built it

I used to build this platform. It was a lot of fun! It's very cool to see how strong their platform is.

Challenges I ran into is easy to get started with but harder to really get the product polished. It took me a while to stylize everthing, and it also took me a while to figure out how to build some indepth queries.

For example, you want to show the conversation topics that a) You didn't create b) you haven't submitted an offer too.

Building this query would be straight forward in SQL but took a bit to figure out in the software. In the end, this is what it looked like!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad I finished it and got to the end, it took a while to put it together.

What I learned

How to use!

What's next for Let's Talk

I'd love to put it on Reddit and get some real users.

Built With

  • bubble
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