A multilingual chat and voice messages app

Most of the chat applications consider exchanging chat messages and voice messages in a single language. This is a potential problem to solve when people with different primary languages try to chat or exchange voice messages.

What it does

Let's Talk Native converts senders text and voice messages (in senders primary language) to receivers primary language and sends it !

How I built it

Let's Talk Native is a mobile app that uses AWS Mobile Hub's features like AWS Lambda and DynamoDB and Amazon S3, and Rapid API to translate messages from one language to another.

Challenges I ran into

We as a team faced several technical challenges like audio conversion at android and at the backend, converting voice messages from one language to another, integrating the mobile-hub environment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea for a multilingual text and voice conversion is (sort of) unique and we haven't seen much of development in this area. We are part of a really good team and we're happy we were able to work on this app.

What I learned

We learnt a lot about how audio conversion works at every level and how different parts of technology can be integrated.

What's next for Let's Talk Native

Let's Talk Native supports 5 languages, for now, i.e., English, French, Italian, Spanish and Hindi. Future work would include more languages and auto-detection mode for language.

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