Let’s Talk App Tatiana Loyd & Qiaira Mathews App Inventor

Let’s Talk Q & A

Q1.) Inspiration- Describe the problem you are trying to solve, why is it important?

A1.) Our inspiration for this app was we wanted to create a more culturally friendly environment for everyone to live in and enjoy with us ourselves being multiracial, multilingual, and biracial. We wanted to share our knowledge of things with everyone.

Q2.) Our Solution- Give a brief summary of how the app addresses this problem, why the solution is unique, who is the intended user-base is?

A2.) We created an app that will teach others how to a new language, something that can be used in schools and in homes too. The solution is unique because it is a way to allow people to learn a language at their own pace so they will truly understand it. Our intended audience is children, young adults, and adults.

Q3.) Challenges- Describe any challenges you ran into (technical challenges, changes you need to make in scope of your app, etc.) and how you will address them?

A3.) Challenges that we faced in the making of this app were; ● Making sure the words being said and the words that were showing matched ● Being limited to which languages we can pick to do ● Not being able to add all the languages we would have liked ● Pacing the how quickly the pronunciation was being said ● Choose a simple but unique interface To fix these things we worked with teachers who spoke the languages, used wordreference.com, and looked at other language apps to create a unique and simple app.

Q4.) Next Steps- How do we plan on improving our app in the future?

A4.) We plan to improve our app in the future by; ● Figuring out how to add the languages we would like ● Have more everyday language that will interest learners further ● Add a textbox that will allow you to be able to type whatever phrase, word , or sentence you please and it will show you how to spell it out and tell you how to say it in any of the provided languages ● Create drills so users can learn a list of words at their own speed ● Add fun games that can be played to win prizes

Q5.) Lessons Learned- What did you learn from this process?

A5.) Lessons that we learned while creating this app were; ● Slower speech is the best way to learn a new language and to try and repeat the phrase, word, or sentence. ● Learned how to take constructive criticism and build upon it ● There is a need for more exposure to different cultures and languages ● To be patient when debugging a program and keep trying.

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