Inspiration- Let's Shuttle is created with a vision to make travel for the GSU Panthers more efficient, saving parking space, lessening travel time whilst also the whole experience being more eco-friendly

What it does- It is a bus shuttle that picks up only GSU students from all over Atlanta at designated spots and times saving them time, money, and energy they put in commuting each day.

How we built it- Using PowerApp, and Google sheets to store database

Challenges we ran into- Getting the interface to work and connecting PowerApp to Google sheets

Accomplishments that we're proud of- We overcame or challenges. We finally got it to link. We did it!!!

What we learned- That when we put our mind to something, everything is possible!

What's next for Let's Shuttle- We want to take our project to the next level by making this app accessible, usable, and efficient for students in real time making real difference

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