Motorcycles are ridden for enjoyment. Most people don't use their motorcycles as often as they'd like just because people forget about them and it becomes difficult to organize a trip amonst friends. Let's Ride connects your friends to ride along side with you! ## Inspiration

Let's Ride connects your Google Calendar and finds out when you have free time. Then it compares those free time slots with your friends time slots, if you are both (or all) of you are free, it suggests a ride that is suitable for you based on location, weather, and duration. It will suggest these highly recommended rides created by other users. So now, to organize a trip, all you need is to accept an invitation ## How it works

We needed to write an algorithm that analyzes the weather and your schedule. Then it compares it to other's schedules and finds free slots to suggest rides to motorists. ## Challenges I ran into

We built this project as a team of two members and submitted two projects ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing is impossible. Never say never. I want my world to be fun. Be a Belieber ## What I learned

Get riders and a huge community of riders! ## What's next for Let's Ride

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