It’s never been so easy and fun to learn English vocabulary and spelling with your friends and family. Let’s Play Stop! is a game that allows you to challenge yourself by quickly brainstorming words you know in English.

How It Works

The game will choose a random letter and the players will have to type, as fast as possible in their Android devices, one word per each game category: Country or City, Body Parts, Fruits, Colors and Animals.

The player who successfully submits one word per category and presses the Stop! button first will end the round, freezing the game and prohibiting any additional entries from other participants. The game will then analyze the accumulated score of each player.

The score is tallied as follows: the first player to submit a correct English word and strikes the Stop! button will win that round and will be awarded 500 points. Participants are awarded 100 points per each unique, correct word and 50 points for correct, duplicate words. No points are awarded for an incorrect word.

Each round’s results are displayed on the Smart TV or computer screen and with a push of the Next Round button on a player’s mobile device, the screen will display the next random letter and participants will begin typing again.

To get the app for the Android phone or devices, visit --- and to download it for the SmartTV, visit ---. The game can also be played from the web using your computer or tablet by visiting the URL

Let’s Play Stop! is currently only available for Android devices. An Apple version will be published soon.

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