Our Alexa Skill, Let’s Plan, is designed to help students plan and organize their weekly tasks. First, Alexa prompts the user to list assignments due and things to study for. Then, our Alexa skill will calculate when it’s needed to start an assignment by determining what is considered high priority. This is computed using an algorithm that determines how many days till assignment deadline. Let’s Plan can help reduce procrastination and stress! Alexa will then proceed to advise the student on what tasks to complete today in order to be on track in classes and stay ahead of the game! We used amazon web services (AWS), node.js, and the Alexa developer console to create our Alexa Skill Set.

Some challenges and limitations we faced: Alexa's skills are not designed to take in a user response that has multiple values for the same slot. For example, the user cannot say “I have a Math exam, a physics test, and history homework” all at once as the slots “subject” and “assignment” cannot have multiple values. This means we would have to set a fixed amount of slot for the user’s response. Also, we wanted our Alexa skill to store all data for the week on the Amazon S3 and tell the user what to do every day without having to be prompted all over again. This would also make setting the internal schedule of Let’s Plan to receive input on a weekly basis. Another limitation, we faced was timing as we also wanted Alexa to connect to google calendar to assign a task’s time frame based on availability in the day/schedule. An additional functionality would have been to restrict entertainment --Youtube, Netflix, and Instagram-- access during the allotted study periods.

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