Based on the datasets "out-door fun", I planned a small web app to allow users to select the desired party location

What it does

Users can select location and invite friends Users can select map type User can zoom in/out map User can find location by input address/name User can select locations from dropdown list or use the button

How I built it

I used JavaScript, .asp and google map api to develop. MS Access is used for the database support.

Challenges I ran into

Limit time to design and develop this application. JavaScript is hard to debug. Still need to learn new techniques

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Location selection is successfully developed

What I learned

Polished my skills in coding How to debug JavaScript efficiently

What's next for Let's Party (web application)

Continue to debug, add more flexible functions, fulfill databases(not all of the datasets are used in this project) If it is possible, I would like to use other database rather than MS Access, such as QGIS, MySQL, postgreSQL, or ArcGIS. If I have spare time, I would like to add path finding/travel plan (travel time estimation). Formmail is a copyright protected script. If I can find a replacement or code it myself, I will change it.

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