Durning the quarantine all the schools systems found too much difficulties to continue the Classes in a normal way and the same for students who found too much difficulty to enjoy studying online .

What it does

Let’s_Learn help us to get an immersive learning experience with 360° view we are so free to move and learn as in the real life we can get too much clear content and have the choice to move between the presentation and the teacher . On Let’s_Learn we have the training section here where you can find the benefits . on this section we can give you immersive training as on the real live by coaching you by giving you instructions to follow during the VR experience . WeLearn make creating E-Learning content easy the only thing that you have to do is is adding a video or liveStreaming and the Presentation (PowerPoint or Images) by only 1 click .

How I built it

the WeLearn project was built with React360 only on 2 days

Challenges I ran into

driving meaningful social impact for the COVID-19 response

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping schools to cross this difficult period

What's next for Let’s Learn

having a big community and more classes


works better on fireFox web-Browser

Built With

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