The online educational portal is a complete system which comprises of an online video directory, a counseling system, a discussion board. More features are to be added in future but right now, the system performs the basic function of providing undergraduate students an opportunity to study online about their relevant subjects. All videos are properly organized according to the user’s specified field. And there is a database which works on the back-end of the website. The website is currently under construction so the database is not yet complete. But the basic functions can be performed. The Educational portal will be able to give the user access to thousands of videos, all online. The counseling system comprises of interactive functions. The user would be able to define his/her qualification and then will select his/her favorite profession or the profession of their choice. They will then be given a list of options for their career paths. The discussion board is much like a forum where a user can place his/her queries. The Queries would then be answered by the administrators or other users. The discussion board will help the students get their questions answered in very little time. The registered users would be able to select their subjects and then would be displayed with the relevant videos of those subjects. The administrator would be responsible for the management of the website. Each of whom will be designated a role e.g. Moderator. There will be further improvement in the system in future. The system will still have the main focus of how students could be helped in their careers. One last thing, the system is free to use and always will be.

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