Ordering drinks in bars can be annoying if waiters are just not showing up in the right moment. Bartainment tries to solve that issue by offering an innovative ordering process that is both effective and fun.

What it does

People can play games while drinking and also place orders using an intuitive UI. While using our system is fun, it also improves the efficiency of the ordering process and can also lead to a larger number of orders and, thus, improve the revenue. Customer satisfaction is improved as people have fun using the ordering engine and will be served faster.

How we built it

We made use of web application technologies, especially Polymer 2, JavaScript as well as HTML 5 and CSS3. Orders are placed on a message broker based on the MQTT protocol.

Challenges we ran into

JavaScript specifics are be hard to solve. Moreover, we had no knowledge about MQTT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of our intuitive UI including all natural animations.

What we learned

We feel more comfortable with JavaScript as before and learned about MQTT.

What's next for Bartainment

Next, it would be fun if our Bartainment system would be implemented in a real environment, for example, at the iteratec bar.

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