Everyone is stuck at home during the pandemic. If only we could go outside. We can thanks to the cautious reopening of many areas across the US. It's time for everyone to get their legs moving again and find their own path into nature.

What it does

Users can create accounts to sign in. Very little personal data is stored. Users can see a list of hiking trails near them.

How we built it

We built it with flutter, expressjs, and cockroachdb. It was our first time using all three, so it was quite the challenge.

Challenges we ran into

Time was a big issue. Half our team had never done a hackathon before. We were unable to start early but we pushed through the time we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of getting flutter working.

What we learned

We learned that we should practice more earlier!

What's next for Let's Gooooo!

The next steps for Let's Gooooo! are to promote hiking with an online friendly competition. Users already have accounts, but Let's Gooooo! can compare who in the local area has the highest percentage of trails visited and hiked. This will require the use of location services to verify that the account has actually visited the trail. Another feature is the Seven Summits. The seven highest trails (mountains and hills) will be listed in the local area, and a special virtual award will be given for those who complete their own Seven Summits.

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