What inspired my team was the allure of a challenge. We wanted to see what we were truly capable of accomplishing. No one on my team really has that much experience doing real-world application coding projects such as this one and we saw RivCode as the perfect opportunity to gain more experience while also having a good time. However simple our end-result may be my team is proud of what we have done. We pushed our limits as developers and were able to accomplish something beautiful which crowns us with a beaming sense of pride. The target user intended to be using our code is merely your average day-to-day user. We wanted to develop a web page that your average user could navigate to and be able to easily find proper information about the disposal of various waste items. We wanted the experience to be as simple as possible. We wanted to deliver the information that the consumer wants but also keep it to a minimum so as to maintain a clutter-free experience and I feel we were able to deliver just that.

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