Indecision. Never knowing where to go. Always needing a little push before starting to plan a great trip away.

What it does

You enter how long of a trip you'd like to take, then it handles the rest. Your flight, an Uber to pick you up at the airport, your hotel, and recommendations for local food and other points of interest.

How We built it

We divided our tasks into front-end, back-end, and middle-ware. There was a pretty clear division of parts between members, while still having some overlap. We determined the uses of various api's (priceline, uber, and google-places), and attempted to make a seamless integration of these services.

Challenges We ran into

Learning javascript, jade, and various api's mostly at the same time. Our general lack of prior experience in these technologies lead to a slow start in our development, but through effort and lack of sleep we were able to (mostly)pull it all together.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Mostly overcoming the challenges mentioned above. Learning something new can be stressful when time constraints are applied, so we are certainly proud of our ability to do so.

What's next for Let's go!

We'd really like to implement a more refined search for places of interest. Perhaps develop a sort of search algorithm that could make suggestions based on your previous trips and searches. Also, we'd like to add the ability to make a reservation at a suggested point of interest. We also have ideas for other various smaller improvements to Let's go!

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