Dartmouth has a problem - a huge one actually. Since we first ran around the bonfire during Homecoming, Dartmouth students have faced obstacles in maintaining friendships, from a busy academic schedule to the unpredictable D-Plan. Too often, students promise and say: “Let’s Get a Meal!” but never are able to schedule it

What it does

We developed an app that takes the hassle out of scheduling. With a quick shake, the 2 students are able to immediately schedule a meal together to catch up. Let’s GAM makes that meal a reality. Users are able to register and login with Facebook. When users encounter each other and want to schedule a meal while meeting on the go, they simply just shake their phones at the same time and Let’s GAM will automatically look at the two parties’ calendars to schedule a meal during their next common availability. No need to pull out their calendars and guess and check availabilities. Let’s GAM does it instantaneously. Meals are organized chronologically and are automatically scheduled into both users’ calendars. By setting a date and time on their smartphones , students will be more likely to meet. There’s also the function that allows users to click on scheduled meals on the app to start chatting via Facebook Messenger to talk logistics before the meal.

How I built it

We built the app with android. The backend was built with Parse

Challenges I ran into

There were 2 major challenges: detecting when 2 people shake their phones, and then going through their calendars to to figure out intersecting available hours.

What's next for GAM

We hope to implement it on campus to help create a tighter community at Dartmouth. Those red cups during 2012-13 didn’t quite work in helping people eat together at FoCo but we hope Let’s GAM will bridge the gap.

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posted an update

Icons for the Menu of Let's GAM were cited from:

  • Circle: (without the colored in overlaps): Irene of the Noun Project
  • Logout: ChangHoon Baek of the Noun Project
  • Gear: Alexandr Cherkinsky of the Noun Project
  • Add Person: Samy Menai of the Noun Project
  • Magnifying Glass: Levi Bahn of the Noun Project

Thank you for creating beautiful icons to help us further this project at the hackathon.

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