Bugs are a part and parcel of a programmers life. And sometimes, incomplete features just stick on us. But here we are, contributing to each other for each other! Being Frontend and Content Enthusiasts, we picked up issues that interested us and also gave space to learn something new.

What it does

We worked on three issues. Issue 1: Add credits to the pictures' photographers and the Unsplash Platform for Pictury

Issue 2: A clearly visible notification of "Picture URL copied" and "Picture Downloaded" for Pictury

Issue 3: Create an Issue Template for Formica

Issue 4: Write the file for Deck

How we built it

Issue 1: Using HTML, CSS, Javascript functions

Issue 2: Using HTML, CSS, Javascript functions

Issue 3: Using GitHub Issue Templates and our own experiences

Issue 4: Using the resources of the project

Challenges we ran into

The project we started working on had one long file of code and it was a little difficult for us to understand the structure and flow of it, almost took a day! But glad we could figure out that! We worked on the first issue and had a few issues with the running of the extension on our server, but glad that Ali Doggaz who had worked on the project helped us out of it. For the second issue, we didn't face this problem. However, we found out that in the intention of adding the feature we broke a part of the code. No other javascript functions were working. So we merged the functions in one and coded in such a way that it doesn't break the other codes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For me, it was the first time I was contributing through open source and it was a lovely experience! Thanks to my teammate Devesh. Understanding someone else's code from scratch and then owning it like our own and then moving forward to do the required changes was a lot of learning and fun. We are proud that working in pairs right after working in teams of 3, didn't seem that difficult and we coordinated and communicated very well.

What we learned

We learnt working with Javascript and we realise how powerful it is! CSS also has some really amazing effects. We also learnt to structure the JS codes in order to make them work properly due to a bug we faced. We learnt that a team of two is not insufficient, haha! The essence is communication and collaboration with respect for each other's opinions and time.

What's next for Let's Fix it!

We wanted to work extensively on Pictury, and a few other interesting projects and contribute to them majorly. Looking forward to do that in the coming week or later :)


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