Real life struggles. Our team always encounters the problem of indecisiveness especially when it comes to deciding where to eat. We feel this causes a lot of wasted time and stress. Plans always seem to fizzle out and there is often confusion about what is happening. So we decided to make a solution!

What it does

Our app, Let's Eat is a all in one dashboard for making plans to get food. We handle everything from recommending the restaurants, making sure everyone's preferences are considered and easy auto-generated polls for users. After making a user profile, a user can input their preferences of different cuisines. From there they can see restaurants that are recommended for them, or create groups where restaurants are recommended to groups based on everyone's preferences. Users then can vote and easily decide on where to go!

How I built it

We used android studio to build our front-end mobile application. For our back-end set up a database with mySQL hosted on Microsoft Azure. We also built and hosted endpoint on stdlib and attempted to import data retrieved from Yelp API into databases to perform queries and data transformation.

Challenges I ran into

We decided to divide and conquer, but we ran into the issue of our separate functionality, mainly front-end and back-end. no being able to connect. Due to this, we weren't able to use our database to provide the data for out app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to build a mobile app that navigates, even with little experience doing mobile applications. We were relatively productive in trying learn about new tools.

What I learned

How to better use Android Studio, advantages and disadvantages of certain technologies.

What's next for Let's Eat

We plan on continuing to work on this project, perhaps with different tools and a different tech stack. We really feel like the idea helps to solve a problem and brings people together by eliminating the frustrating decision process involved with deciding where to eat.

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