Rather than introducing total strangers, we wanted to focus on strengthening the friendships people already have.

What it does

We want to bring friends who already want to get together, and give them the opportunity to do so easier. You don't even need a who, what, when, or where. If you don't have it, our algorithm provides it for you based on your past experiences.

How we built it

We focused on the design of the interface, and knowing that the UI would make or break an app ike this, we focused hard on building a fast and responsive system. Using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and a back-end of PHP with a MYSQL Server, we brought together an awesome product.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first time working with so many different API's, bringing together Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, and Bootstrap as well as PHP and MYSQL connections, it was difficult to see how all the parts fit together. By working together and teach each other the languages we were stronger in, we got through it and learned a lot more about all the different languages and documentations we used.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of our Google and Facebook integration. Both were incredibly difficult to walk through and understand, but by going through it bit by bit we managed to successfully pull it together.

What we learned

Beyond all the new languages we sprinted through, we learned a lot more about building a project over team members than as singular units. Cooperation is hard, and not something that is often encouraged in CS classes. Even though we started very separate, by the end we collaborated on every aspect of the project and can say each of us contributed equally.

What's next for Let's Chill

Continued Facebook integration as well as tuning the machine-learning algorithm to be better balance randomization and social calibration.

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