Let's Chat Secured By TypingDNA is a proof of concept in which we can see how TypingDNA technology can be used to secure our day by day conversations.

The idea for this came after my experience working in an open space, where, if you went away from your pc and by mistake you let it unlocked, in the next second some trickster colleague would come and write all kind of messages on the chat groups.

The project is using as a base the open source Let's Chat solution developed by SecurityCompass. The TypingDNA technology was implemented in 2 places in the project: - first one is the the registration form, where the user will enroll 2 patterns which will be later used for authenticating every message sent. - the second place is the actual chat room: when a user will send a message, it will be verified by the TypingDNA API, if the verification fails, the message will not be sent and the user will see an error alert.

The challenges which I had: - this was my first experience with NodeJs, day by day I use: Angular, Java, .Net Core - some messages could be very short: the solution in this case is for the user to write an extra string, which will not appear in the actual message, but will be used for verification (not included in the submitted application).

I hope you enjoy this proof of concept and maybe someday we could see it implemented in all the major applications where messages can be sent between users.

Have a nice day ☀️, Eusebiu & Anca

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