We are a pretty game heavy group. All of us can be considered gamers and three of us have even tried to create a game before. So, randomly we were trying to come up with an idea and we really wanted to come up with something utilizing AR and building a network, in order to develop new skills, so we decided to make a game.

What it does

Our game brings up a battle grid on a valid, flat surface using AR in Unity. We have a server build in Google Cloud; the server checks for 2 connections, and after it receives two connections it will put the two players into match and project the grid via AR. From there, the two players will take their two turns simultaneously until player has no HP remaining.

How we built it

We built the network in Google Cloud in Python. We built the AR in Unity in C#. We coded the client side and network side code in Python as well.

Challenges we ran into

Unity completely pulled the plug on the networking services and we did not realize this until 9AM so we scrambled to find an alternative.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did the thing

What we learned

Jahlil: Learned how to build a network Christian:Learned how to use AR with Unity Patrick: Made my first Github account, Learned Python, JSON, Command Line, Git, Helped Build a Network, Google Cloud Platform Vernicia: Learned Python

What's next for Let's Be Witches

Sleep. We are very tired. When we have time we may try to revisit the project to add the further functionality that we had to condense for the sake of the 24hr limitation.

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