The project is an inspiration to spread positivity and keep ourselves away from toxic/hate-speech on twitter with a very efficient data analytics tool.

What it does

Wondering on how to rate someone in terms of positivity , neutrality or negativity ? The project searches for any public twitter account and rates a person/group/organization based upon the rating of their tweets on certain attributes of positivity and negativity !

How We built it

A mix of many technologies we used to create it :

  • Twitter API
  • Natural Language Processing
  • MongoDB
  • Flask
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
  • React-Native Web

Challenges I ran into

The time frame of the hackathon was a bit short , so it became quite a big task to complete everything on time and host it as well!

Accomplishments that We are proud of

-Completing this project in the Hackathon time-frame and learning a lot during this time.

-The User Interface that is very easy and handy to go.

-Also , we have options to scale our project even higher with possibilities added.

What We learned

-We learnt how to have fun and build amazing projects together.

-A lot of learning through various sessions, workshops and domains like cooking explored :p

-A lot of new Technologies , used Twitter API and got wonderful insights into using these technologies for our own good.

What's next for Let's analyse twitter : Twitter-Analyse

We are looking forward to expand the data that we are visualizing here:

-Knowing and exploring political alignment in feeds one follow.

-Checking Facts in a Twitter newsfeed.

-Making Networking graphs of follower base

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