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What it does

Finds relevant topical articles regarding important and trending topics in the news. Congregates, analyzes, and summarizes the articles, shows social media reaction, and generates links for further reading.

How I built it

Ran on a backend using Flask and Python, this web app trawls the web to analyze top and reliable news sources to deliver as accurate a news experience as possible.

Challenges I ran into

Using Flask for the first time proved challenging. Converting objects to JSON was a bit more tedious than previously remembered.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got it up and running! The front-end of the project looks good, and the back-end is linked up. There's just a bit of delay between the actual running of the code, though

What I learned

How to use Flask How to set up a local server

What's next for Let Me Know

Implement voice-search Optimize algorithm

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