We wanted to improve quality of life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our app alerts the user to know when they are in dangerous circumstances, such as alerting them during fire alarms.

We developed an apple app in the swift language using xcode. We downloaded API for AudioKit and learned to debug the program with the foreign API.

One of the first challenges that we encountered was deciding on the most realizable idea.There were many difficulties during coding. For example, it was quite challenging to debug the API once we found it. For most of our team, this is our first hack-a-thon and it was hard to work well in the new environment at first, especially knowing that there is a 24 hour time limit. It was also strange to code for more practical reasons than what we're used to doing for courses, and we had to be much more creative.

We're proud of ourselves for managing to finish this project. We managed to work very well together with strangers and stayed awake for most of the time while we were here.

We learned new coding languages for the first time because we are all at different levels, have different skills, and knew different languages.

We plan to adjust the app so that it recognizes the different sounds and to add a vibration option for the apple app.

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