People with mental illnesses often feel like they cant talk to anyone causing more isolation making their illnesses more and more intense.

What it does

Let It Out allows users to randomly match with someone that has a similar topic. They can then rant to them anonymously and get whats bothering them off their chest.

How I built it

after building the site we looked at the searching, we accomplish the searching with semantic relationships . this was handled in python. this was never actually implemented due to the python script not being transplanted properly . the chat feature wasn't implemented due to lack of infrastructure

Challenges I ran into

The python script was not transplanted properly and my version of python was bad. Eli dealt with the php.. went about as well as php can go

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

repairing my python install learning html, css, php to get this down

What I learned

how python is structured when installed html css php

What's next for Let it Out

integrate the python semantic learning get chat improve logon process

Built With

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