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"Let Ava Game!" is an endless runner arcade video game that can be played on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. ALL ASSETS except for audio and text fonts were created during the duration of Beaver Hacks Summer Sprint 2021 (July 9 ~ July 11). Hundreds of assets were created in these 48 hours, including C# script files that span hundreds of lines, animation frames, designs, iconography, and other game elements. All team members were brand new to the engine and had to incorporate hours of tutorial watching while implementing most of the features in the game.

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🏆 Accomplishments

  • We created a very polished high-quality video game in 48 hours
  • Fulfillment from using Unity for the first time and understanding the engine so quickly. It has tricky stuff but we put out a number of more complex behavior
  • One member's first hackathon and first time making a game. Grateful to have a great team with experience so that they could learn the ropes and still end up with a quality product

💪 Struggles

  • Learning the engine was one of the biggest hurdles, but as Unity is one of the industry leading engines to game development, several online resources were available in the process of learning.
  • Handling conflicts during version control got hectic at times
  • Time was a huge impediment to all the features, content, and mechanics we wanted to incorporate in the original vision of the game

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