Submission to t9hacks'21 (University of Colorado Boulder)


How quick people and the children get bored so fast. So it is for fast & fun learn method for interactive learning. using Augmented Reality. I have planning to add this advantages to higher studies like using laboratories on a targeted plane and a feature for parents & teachers to add stuffs by themselves for their children & institution.

What it does

It guides you as a hygiene and study & education master for you and your children. It represents different topics to you with Augmented Reality. So that it can be used easily at home and teaching institutions for a engaging way of learning.

How we built it

Using echoAR and html,css,javascript

Challenges we ran into

It's the first time I am working with AR technology. So it was tough working with it at first. And finished at very last minute for working alone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finallly I am used to basic of AR technology, for which I had a secret wish within me for a long time.

What we learned

1. Time Management-

I totally worked alone for this. Thinking of the idea & implementing totally on my own was quite tough. But I managed to do it.

2. AR Technology -

echoAR documentation was so helpful for a basic understanding of echoAR amd contains so many resources to use & implement.

What's next for Lession mustAR

much categories are to be added soon

Built With

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